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Our retreats are held at the Malvern Retreat House (also known as St. Joseph's in the Hills) - a full service, world-renowned retreat facility situated on 125 woodland acres. Malvern has served millions of people over the past 70 years. A Matt 19 retreat is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your spirit and renew your friendships. Come away for the weekend! Relax and refresh yourself in the blessings of a Matt Talbot retreat experience, away from the noise  and stress of today's world.

         Feel the solitude wherein you can leisurely re-evaluate your priorities and values.

         Take a little time to think about yourself. Are you the person you want to be? Or can be?

If you haven't attended a Matt Talbot Retreat in a while, this will be a perfect time to reconnect with both the fellowship and yourself. Put this date on your calendar, while you're thinking of it and look for your application about one month before. Space will be limited.