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Matt Talbot Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Matt Talbot Retreat Group and the Matt Talbot Retreat Movement?

The Matt Talbot Retreat Movement is the parent organization for the groups. Each group is independent. Groups hold retreats. Some groups hold other functions as well. The Retreat Movement is a service organization to support the groups.

What is a Retreat?

A retreat is an opportunity to be away from the distractions of daily living for a couple of days, usually a weekend (though some groups hold retreats during the week), in order to devote time to spiritual recovery from alcoholism. A retreat brings together a group of recovering alcoholics in a setting that promotes

fellowship and sharing throughout the weekend. Most retreats focus on one broad topic for the weekend. A Retreat Master(s), who is usually both a recovering alcoholic and a member of the clergy, gives conferences about the topic several times during the weekend. Just as an alcohol counselor who also is recovering has valuable insights into the mental part of alcoholism and its treatment, so a member of the clergy who is recovering brings valuable insights into the spiritual part of alcoholism.

Must I be Catholic to attend a Matt Talbot Retreat?

No. Matt Talbot Retreats are open to recovering alcoholics regardless of religion, sex, race, color or creed. There are separate Retreat Groups for men, women, and married couples (both of whom must be recovering alcoholics). We are not affiliated with any organized religion.

Is there a price to attend a Matt Talbot Retreat?

Yes. Each group sets the cost for its retreats. Most of the cost goes to the retreat house for room and board.

Who is eligible to attend a Matt Talbot Retreat?

Recovering alcoholics are eligible to attend Matt Talbot retreats.

Are Matt Talbot Retreats affiliated with AA?

No. There is no affiliation between AA and Matt Talbot Retreats. However, Matt Talbot Retreats are intended to foster and enhance spiritual recovery as suggested by AA's Twelve -Step Program.

How Often Do I Go on Retreat?

This is up to each individual. However, typically members attend one or two retreats a year.

Where Are Retreats Held?

Generally, retreats are held in Retreat Houses. Most Matt Talbot Retreat Groups are in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. However, groups also exist in other states, in Canada, and in Ireland. To find Retreat Groups near you, you may contact us at the address below. We will be happy to forward information.