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What is a Matt Talbot Retreat?

A Matt Talbot retreat offers an opportunity for recovering alcoholics to seek a stronger spiritual experience and enhance their sober way of life.

The people who attend these retreats are all recovering alcoholics.

Those who attend retreats are of all races, all religious beliefs, all ages, and all walks of life.

A Matt Talbot weekend provides an opportunity to strengthen that most difficult part of the AA program-our spiritual growth. 

The weekend retreats are not an exercise in religion, doctrine, or dogma. An open mind is of great help while on retreat. Participants are encouraged to try everything. Share, listen with their hearts. We find that many of the other men at the retreat have the same problems, the same questions, the same feelings. We find a peaceful atmosphere where we can relax and think about our own needs. We find people who are willing to listen to our concerns. We find people who are willing to share their solutions.  Feel free to talk with other men about their spiritual understanding. We find time to take a look at ourselves while surrounded by people who, like us, are interested in permanent, joyful sobriety


Matt Talbot Retreats generally begin Friday evening and conclude early Sunday afternoon. Throughout the weekend brief conferences are held by a Retreat Master or Director, usually a recovering alcoholic and member of the clergy. As a rule, the Retreat Master has personal experience with our problem and also has the training and the background to provide us with guidance and insight into the Steps and our own individual spiritual path. In addition, much time is available for sharing and fellowship, and for rest and meditation away from the stresses, tensions, hustle and bustle of our daily lives.